In a private class, I will come to your home with my teaching aids and a complete set of custom hand-outs. Topics we can cover include:

Anatomy and Physiology of Birth (i.e. how the baby is born)

effacement, dilation, fetal positioning, cardinal movements

Signs of Labour

  • true vs. false labouR
  • when to go to the Hospital and where to go when you get there

Stages and Phases of Labour

  • events of each stage
  • early, active and transition phases: length of each phase, physical and emotional characteristics.

Partner's Role - Comfort Measures

  • relaxation and breathing techniques, positioning, alternative comfort measures (massage, water, hot & cold, etc.), music, labour bag.


  • epidural and other medications, fetal monitoring, artificial rupture of membranes, episiotomy, forceps and vacuum extraction, methods of inducing/augmenting labour, cesarean section

If you have any questions or wish to book an in home private class, please contact me at: or 416.745.6268.